Cleaning Kit

The mar­co clean­ing kit con­tains all the essen­tial tools, spare parts, and clean­ing mate­ri­als required to dis­as­sem­ble and clean mar­co valves and valve seats. All tools includ­ed in the clean­ing kit are adapt­ed to our valves and valve seats so that you can ide­al­ly clean all parts and no dam­age will occur when used prop­er­ly. Please fol­low the clean­ing and main­te­nance instruc­tions.


The clean­ing kit con­tains:

Quan­ti­ty Descrip­tion
1 LED small mag­ni­fi­er, 10X-21 mm, fold­able
2 Open-end­ed ring wrench­es size 10 and 12
50 Cot­ton buds point­ed
50 Cot­ton buds half round
20 Nee­dles for clean­ing
12 Nee­dles for clean­ing the car­tridge
12 Nee­dles for clean­ing the car­tridge
1 Brush 10mm
5 Brush 3mm
10 C‑rings
10 Cylin­der head screw
1 O‑ring FFKM-G70H 70shore
10 O‑ring FFKM 80shore
1 Hexa­gon sock­et screw­driv­er 1.5 Micro
1 Screw­driv­er
1 Car­tridge Pro­tec­tion Box engraved
2 Cut­ting punch
1 Off­set screw­driv­er TX6

160,00  plus VAT and shipping costs